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08.12.2017 08:29

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Choice Links not working in 5.8.1 ? Help?

This is a serious problem. I am pretty sure it worked before. I may test by seeing if I can go back a version because I need this to work.


<<choice 'Take the ticket with two fingers and let it drip.;Take the ticket and put it in your pocket.' $taketicket>>

Then there's a standard link [[click here|passage]].

Watching the console:
When I chose nothing the variable $taketicket is 0 when I click to the passage page.
Choosing one of the other options, however, does not change the variable when I click, and it remains at 0. It should change to 1 or 2 depending on the selected choice.

Am I formatting my choice link macro wrong in some way that it doesn't work? Can I not use periods? I know apostrophes can't be used.

Is there a page at least where I can download an earlier version where this works?

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09.12.2017 08:39

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Re: Choice Links not working in 5.8.1 ? Help?

Yes, in this version there is an error with this macro.
You can remove the $apples variable from the <<choice>> macro and check the value of the system variable $$choice.
We will correct this error in the next update.


В последней версии программы есть ошибка с этим макросом.
Вы можете удалить переменную $apples из макроса <<choice>> и затем проверить значение системной переменной $$choice.
Мы исправим эту ошибку в следующем обновлении.


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02.01.2018 20:43

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Re: Choice Links not working in 5.8.1 ? Help?

I finally got V.6 and choice macros are working wonderfully now, thank you!

Still, I wish that dragging passages would work correctly in the English Windows version.


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